Los Tres Gallos: Best Enchiladas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The red brick exterior of Los Tres Gallos in Cabo San Lucas
The red brick exterior of Los Tres Gallos in Cabo San Lucas

Los Tres Gallos might just be the best restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With so many great restaurants in Cabo, I know this is quite the bold statement. But, I truly believe this. Why you may ask? The food, the ambiance, the décor, the service, and the menu were all fantastic.

What made the food at Los Tres Gallos (The Three Roosters) so special was how each dish on the menu was inspired by the owner’s mother, and her mother, and so on. Her love for her family, her values, and her love of Mexican cuisine can be tasted in each ingredient and every plate.

Sure there are some decent restaurants in the marina area, but many are overpriced and packed with tourists. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as the food is good. I will eat anything if it is delicious.

While Los Tres Gallos was located only a few blocks north of the marina and resorts, I felt far from the tourists. If I didn’t know where I was looking, I might have missed Los Tres Gallos. And, I’m glad I didn’t.

If you are looking for more information about Cabo San Lucas, I highly recommend you pick up a guidebook such as Moon Los Cabos: With La Paz & Todos Santos


As I walked from the quiet street, through the brick archway, and into the restaurant, I was transported into another world. Through the large open doors was a beautiful open-air courtyard.

All the stresses of the outside world seemed to disappear as I stood inside the vibrant courtyard featuring large fruit trees, brick walls, and colorful streamers overhead. Even though I was dining under the stars, it was very bright thanks to the hanging lights.

On the left hand side, near the entrance, was a small bar busy with expert mixologists creating cocktails. At the far end of the courtyard was a partially open kitchen. If you have the time, take a peak inside the kitchen and look out for the chili peppers on display.

Scattered around the courtyard were a number of tables, at the time, spaced out for social distancing.

Adding to the ambiance was a mariachi band, playing their guitars and singing in the courtyard. If you want a tableside serenade, don’t forget to bring a few dollars or pesos for a tip.

Los Tres Gallos Menu

Appetizers found on the first page of the Los Tres Gallos menu
Appetizers found on the first page of the Los Tres Gallos menu
Main Courses on the second page
Main Courses on the second page
Desserts could be found on the final page
Desserts could be found on the final page

As mentioned before, all of the dishes found on the menu at Los Tres Gallos were inspired by the mother of Michel Zermeño, the owner of the restaurant. Her love for her family and of Mexican cuisine can be found in each and every dish and ingredient.

The menu was separated into into three sections: appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Each section contained common classic Mexican dishes along with more unique options that might be new to you. There was something for everyone.

There was also a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes on the menu for those with dietary restrictions.

Chips and a Trio of Salsas

A trio of salsas
A trio of salsas

After ordering, complimentary chips and a trio of salsas arrived at my table. While the fresh, crunchy, homemade chips were great, I couldn’t believe how flavorful the salsas were. It was at this point I knew I was in for a great meal.

The first salsa (on the left) was made with orange marinated guajillo peppers and tequila. The guajillo peppers gave the salsa a deep, smoky flavor while the orange and tequila added sweetness. This salsa was mild with a hint of heat.

The second salsa (in the back) was made with the classic combination of tomatillos, garlic, and cilantro. This chunky, well balanced salsa was fresh and bright while tart from the tomatillos. Adding to the flavor was fresh cilantro which was sprinkled on top. This salsa was not spicy.

The third salsa (on the right) was made with spicy chile de árbol peppers and oil. Mixed into this thin salsa, more of a chili oil, were dried bits of peppers which added texture and heat. This was the spiciest of the three.

Sopa de Tortilla (Tortilla Soup)

The Tortilla Soup or Sopa de Tortilla (150 pesos or about $7.54) served at Los Tres Gallos had to be one of the most beautiful tortilla soups I have ever laid my eyes on. This classic Mexican soup was made with simmering tomato sauce and rich cream along with epazote, chili pasilla, panela cheese, tortilla strips, and avocado garnish.

When the bowl was placed on the table in front of me, I was surprised that the tomato sauce was missing. The real magic began when the server walked over to the table and poured the beautiful red tomato sauce out of a pot and into the bowl. By pouring the broth tableside, the tortilla chips in the bowl remained crispy.

The tomato sauce was delicious with just the right consistency. It wasn’t too thick or thin. Its flavor was slightly sweet from the tomatoes and salty from what I believe might have been shrimp broth. Rich cream completed this well balanced and flavorful soup.

Epazote can often overpower dishes. Other than a minty flavor, the herb was used sparingly. Sprinkled around the bowl were small strands of chili pasilla. This dark red dried pepper added a wonderful smoky aroma to the soup.

Also cut thin were tortilla strips, adding a crunchy texture to each bite. Finishing off this soup were chunks of fresh, creamy avocado and cubes of panela cheese. The smooth, chewy cheese was salty and funky like queso fresco, but less crumbly. The taste reminded me of queso oreado, a local cheese I tried at Isabel Restaurant – Bar & Friends.

My only complaint with this soup? It was small, especially for the price. While it can be shared, this soup is better eaten by one person.

Enchiladas Verdes

The bright and colorful Enchiladas Verdes
The bright and colorful Enchiladas Verdes

I had a real dilemma when ordering. Should I order the Enchiladas de Mole (310 pesos or about $15.60) or the Enchiladas Verdes (290 pesos or about $14.59). After debating back and forth, and asking my server for his recommendation, I settled on the Enchiladas Verdes.

This classic Mexican dish was made by stuffing corn tortillas with chicken then lathering them with tomatillo sauce, cheese, crema, and vegetables. This dish was beautiful.

I couldn’t believe how bright and colorful the tomatillo sauce was. It sparkled and glistened under the bright lights. After my first bite, I could tell the smooth and luscious sauce was homemade with fresh tomatillos and lime juice.

Its flavor was salty and tart and kept me going back for more. Not a fan of tomatillos and their bold, tart flavors? Then you might find this sauce to be a little too sour for your liking.

Swimming in the beautiful green sauce were three homemade corn tortillas stuffed with chicken. I was wondering if the lightly grilled tortillas would be soggy with so much sauce, but they weren’t. While the tortillas did soak up some of the sauce, they were anything but soggy.

Inside each rolled tortilla was a generous portion of shredded chicken breast. While easy to overcook, the chicken was cooked perfectly until moist and tender.

Sprinkled over the tortillas was a mixture of salty, funky cotija cheese, a rich, refreshing, creamy crema, crunchy red onions, and a slice of tomato. Each of these ingredients brought the entire dish together by adding flavor and texture,

Side of Rice and Refried Beans

Tasty rice and refried beans on the side
Tasty rice and refried beans on the side

Served with the Enchiladas Verdes was a side of rice and refried beans. The fluffy Spanish rice was tasty with peas and carrots mixed in. The refried beans were even better. There must have been oil or butter mixed in with the luscious, moist, tender beans because it tasted so flavorful for something so simple. For an added pop of flavor and salt, cojita cheese was sprinkled on top.


The service at Los Tres Gallos was fantastic from the hostess to the waiters. I felt welcome from the moment I arrived until I left. Even though the place was packed on a Friday night, the service was prompt and food arrived quickly.

Each and every server that stopped by my table was friendly and attentive. It’s refreshing when a restaurant excels at customer service.


I knew I was in for a treat once I tasted the complimentary salsas. And, the meal only got better with the tableside pouring of the delicious tomato soup. Finally, the Enchiladas Verdes, the star of the night.

If Los Tres Gallos isn’t the best restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, then I don’t know what is. I enjoyed everything about this experience from the food to the service to the beautiful brick courtyard. I can’t wait to return to try more dishes.


  • All the plates I tried were delicious, colorful, and beautifully plated
  • Beautiful courtyard
  • Great service
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes for those with dietary restrictions


  • Pricey but you get what you pay for


Monday-Sunday: 5:00PM-10:00PM


Leona Vicario esquina 20 de Noviembre S/N, Centro, 23469 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
GPS Coordinates: 22.88945,-109.91173


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