La Casa de Toño: Affordable Mexican Food Chain in Mexico City

La Casa de Toño in Mexico City
The Colonia Juárez branch of La Casa de Toño in Mexico City

La Casa De Toño is a popular chain restaurant found across Mexico City known for serving traditional Mexican classics at affordable prices.

While they are best known for their pozole, La Casa De Toño offers many classic Mexican dishes in a casual and clean environment. On the menu are enchiladas, quesadillas, chilaquiles, enfrijoladas, flautas, desserts, and more.

Due to its affordable prices, flavorful dishes, casual atmosphere, and attentive staff, La Casa de Toño is popular with locals and in-the-know tourists. With its popularity, you can often find a wait for a table.

On my recent visit to Mexico City, I stopped by their location in the vibrant and historic Colonia Juárez neighborhood.

La Casa De Toño Menu

The menu at La Casa De Toño
The menu at La Casa De Toño

The menu at La Casa De Toño had many more items than I expected. And they were all reasonably priced, with most items costing less than 90 pesos ($4.91).

On the menu, you will find many traditional Mexican dishes, including classics.

Dishes included pozole, flautas, tostadas, sope, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, chilaquiles, molletes (open-faced sandwich), enfrijoladas, postres (desserts), and pan (bread).

Drink options
Drink options

As for drinks, there was water, juice, soft drinks, beers, coffee, and more.

On my visit, I ordered using paper and pencil, similar to what you will find at a sushi restaurant.

When I decided what I wanted to order, I marked it down on the paper and handed the piece of paper to my server.

Assortment of Hot Sauces

Assortment of hot sauces
Assortment of hot sauces

As with most restaurants in Mexico City, there was an assortment of hot sauces on each table. These hot sauces varied in heat from mild to spicy.

Options included salsa verde, salsa habanera, guacamole, salsa roja, and pepper sauce.

While I enjoyed each hot sauce, my favorite was the pepper sauce, which was tangy and salty with a kick of heat.

Interior of La Casa De Toño

Bright interior of the restaurant, La Casa de Toño, Mexico City
Bright interior of the restaurant

The interior of La Casa De Toño was simple and bright. The decor was modern, with wooden tones.

While open, the dining room had posts placed in different areas, closing off the space and making it feel cozier.

The atmosphere was lively, with staff running around while locals enjoyed their food. In the background, music played lightly, complementing the ambiance without drowning out conversations.

The space was also spotless, thanks to the staff’s consistent maintenance of the restaurant, including cleaning up after each guest.

Enchiladas Rojas Con Pollo

Enchiladas Rojas Con Pollo
Enchiladas Rojas Con Pollo

First up was the Enchiladas Rojas Con Pollo.

The sauce was simple and thin but not bland. It had a tangy, savory flavor from red tomatoes and a smoky taste from dried red chilies. While mild, the sauce had a kick of heat from the chilies.

My favorite part of these enchiladas might have been the fresh corn tortillas. Each tortilla had a delicious, rich flavor after being lightly fried in oil before being rolled.

Stuffed inside each tortilla were small pieces of tender, moist chicken.

On top of each enchilada was crema, simple white Mexican cheese, and fresh diced white onions, which added a fresh, crunchy texture.

Chilaquiles Rojos Con Huevo

The simple but beautiful Chilaquiles Rojos Con Huevo
The simple but beautiful Chilaquiles Rojos Con Huevo

As with the enchiladas, the Chilaquiles Rojos Con Huevo was simple but tasty. While I had the option of chicken or beef, I kept it simple and ordered it with cheese.

The sauce was the same as the one used for the enchiladas. It was simple and thin but not bland, with a tangy, savory flavor and a kick of heat.

After being fried in oil, the tortilla chips had a tender yet crispy texture even as they soaked up all the rich, smoky flavors of the sauce.

Finishing off these chilaquiles were two perfectly fried sunny-side-up eggs. Bringing this dish together was a simple white Mexican cheese along with creamy Mexican crema.

Service at La Casa de Toño

The service I received on my visit was fantastic. While the servers moved quickly, they moved efficiently with care for every guest.

Even though I was the only tourist, the staff was friendly and always available to help or answer any questions.

I also appreciated their attention to cleanliness. Staff was constantly cleaning before and after guests sat down at a table.

Finally, my food arrived quickly and correctly, moments after I ordered.


I loved many things about my visit to La Casa de Toño, and I understand why the chain of restaurants is so popular with locals.

First, they have locations all across Mexico City, many open 24 hours a day, making it easy to visit. Second, their service was excellent. Finally, the decor was modern and clean, with a casual, bustling atmosphere.

But for me, the best thing about La Casa de Toño was its menu, which featured delicious traditional Mexican dishes at affordable prices. And you can find the same quality at any of their locations.

So, if you want an affordable option in Mexico City with delicious food and excellent service, I recommend visiting La Casa de Toño.


Monday - Sunday: 8:00AM - 11:00PM


Londres 144, Cuauhtémoc, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
GPS Coordinates: 19.42474,-99.16519




  • Simple but fresh and delicious plates
  • Affordable
  • Friendly and attentive service
  • Modern and clean
  • Casual atmosphere


  • Sometimes a wait for a table

Last Updated on July 3, 2024