Los Tres Gallos: Best Enchiladas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The bright and colorful Enchiladas Verdes

Los Tres Gallos might just be the best restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With so many great restaurants in Cabo, I know this is quite the bold statement. But, I truly believe this. Why you may ask? The food, the ambiance, the décor, the service, and the menu were all fantastic. What made the food at Los Tres Gallos (The Three Roosters) so special was how each dish on the menu was inspired by the owner’s mother, and her …

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Tacos Gardenias: Best Fish Tacos in Cabo San Lucas

Pescado Taco and Camarón Taco

Looking for some of the best fish tacos in Cabo San Lucas? Then add Tacos Gardenias to the top of your list. Other than shrimp and fish tacos, Tacos Gardenias is popular with both locals and tourists for their home-style Mexican food including shrimp molcajete, fish ceviche, tortilla soup, and grilled fish salad. The history of Tacos Gardenias stretches back over 30 years. When the taqueria was first established in 1980, it featured plastic tables and chairs on a cement …

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Taqueria El Paisa: Best tacos al pastor in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Fully dressed shrimp taco on the left, sausage taco on the right

According to locals, if you are looking for the best tacos al pastor in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you go to Taqueria El Paisa. This local taqueria chain, which started as a single taco stand, is today popular with both locals and tourists for their affordable and delicious tacos al pastor (grilled pork tacos) and other taco options. Looking for the best late night food in Cabo San Lucas? Then Taqueria El Paisa is your spot. With the taqueria open …

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Mama's Royal Cafe: Breakfast in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Huevos Rancheros Camaroneros

Mama’s Royal Cafe, located west of the marina on Calle Miguel Hidalgo, is considered by many to serve the best breakfast in Cabo San Lucas. Both locals and tourists visit Mama’s Royal Cafe for their extensive menu. The menu features traditional Mexican breakfast, American breakfast, omelets, French toast, lunch, cocktails, and more. Being the best breakfast in Cabo was not the only bold statement made by Mama’s Royal Cafe. They also claimed they were “probably the best breakfast restaurant in …

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Isabel Restaurant – Bar & Friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The colorful Shrimp Enchiladas in Green Sauce

It was my first night in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I was hungry and tired. It was getting late, and due to Covid-19 restrictions, most restaurants in the city were shutting down for the night or were closed. While I was walking aimlessly around the backstreets between the marina and Medano Beach, I stumbled upon Isabel Restaurant – Bar & Friends. I didn’t know anything about this restaurant. So, without reading any reviews or looking at the menu, I …

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Maro's Shrimp House in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Steak and seafood

Lobster, steak, and shrimp

Everyone told me, if you come to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you have to go to Maro’s Shrimp House for the lobster, steak, and famous Bulldog drink. At first glance, the restaurant seemed like an overpriced tourist trap. But with great reviews on both TripAdvisor and Yelp, I decided to ignore my preconceptions and see what the fuss was all about. Maro’s Shrimp House is a hole-in-the-wall seafood restaurant. From the outside, the restaurant looked like a shack. There is …

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