Los Tres Gallos: Best Enchiladas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The bright and colorful Enchiladas Verdes

Los Tres Gallos might just be the best restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With so many great restaurants in Cabo, I know this is quite the bold statement. But, I truly believe this. Why you may ask? The food, the ambiance, the décor, the service, and the menu were all fantastic. What made the food at Los Tres Gallos (The Three Roosters) so special was how each dish on the menu was inspired by the owner’s mother, and her …

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Isabel Restaurant – Bar & Friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The colorful Shrimp Enchiladas in Green Sauce

It was my first night in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and I was hungry and tired. It was getting late, and due to COVID-19 restrictions, most restaurants in the city were shut down or closed for the night. While walking around the backstreets of Cabo San Lucas between the marina and Medano Beach, I stumbled upon Isabel Restaurant—Bar & Friends. I knew nothing about this small restaurant, so I decided to take a chance on it without reading any reviews …

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