The Egg & I: Las Vegas Breakfast Restaurant with Extensive Menu

Located west of the Las Vegas Strip is The Egg & I
Located west of the Las Vegas Strip is The Egg & I

The Egg & I, and their sister restaurant Egg Works, is a local chain of breakfast restaurants located across the Las Vegas Valley. This isn’t your typical high-end brunch spot you might find along the Las Vegas Strip such as Mon Ami Gabi at Paris or Bouchon at The Venetian. You won’t find champagne or foie gras here. While you are sure to find tourists eating here, you are more likely to encounter locals and in-the-know foodies looking for a delicious yet affordable breakfast.

The Egg & I is not located on the Las Vegas Strip but in a small strip mall off Sahara Ave, a couple miles west of Interstate 15. While you can get here by public transportation, reaching the restaurant is easier if you have a car.

The sister restaurants, known as Egg Works, are essentially the same restaurant with the same food. The only difference is the name. So, you should be able to visit any of the other locations in the valley and expect the same quality and hospitality.

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Homey Interior of The Egg & I

Interior of The Egg & I
Interior of The Egg & I

The décor of the restaurant was homey and traditional but quite dated. I wouldn’t say the open dining room was dark but it felt that way with dark green ceilings and tables along with wooden floors. Brightening up the space were murals on the walls of colorful farm scenes. Hanging on the walls were a few televisions with whatever game was on that day. Large windows on two sides of the dining room helped filter in much needed natural light.

There was also a small outdoor patio with a few tables. This patio would be great on those warm, sunny days.

The one thing I didn’t like was the small area near the cashier. The cramped space was busy with people standing around, making it hard to walk through. People were waiting for tables, putting their names in with the hostess, and paying bills. Cluttered and chaotic was how I would describe it.

The Egg & I Menu

The paper menu at The Egg & I was massive, focusing mainly on egg dishes. Here are just a few of the options: Eggs Benedict, pancakes, waffles, Hawaiian-style breakfasts, skillets, crepes, salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches, and burgers.

In the mood for Cincinnati style chili? Or maybe gumbolaya, a unique combination of gumbo and jambalaya? Then, you are in luck. There was something for everyone.

As for drinks, the selection was just as extensive. You had coffee, tea, juice, soda, water, energy drinks, cocktails, Bloody Marys, and beers to name a few.

If you want to see the full interactive menu, which reads like a novel, then you can view it here.

Black and Yellow Egg

The Egg & I had an interesting way for diners to get the attention of staff when needed. On each table was a hanging egg. This egg could be changed from black to yellow and vice versa. A black egg let the staff know everything was fine and no assistance was needed. Need help? Just flip the egg over to yellow.

With my server being so attentive on my visit, I never had the chance to try it out.

Complimentary Banana Nut Muffin

Homemade Banana Nut Muffin
Homemade Banana Nut Muffin

Since this was my first visit to The Egg & I, my server brought over a Banana Nut Muffin on the house. This was a great start to the meal.

I could tell this muffin was homemade, not some dry prepackaged muffin from a plastic bag. The muffin was moist and spongy on the inside with each bite melting in my mouth.

The muffin featured a distinct banana flavor that tasted like real bananas, not that fake banana extract flavor which I despise. For added texture, mixed into the muffin were large chunks of crunchy walnuts.

This muffins was fantastic. Without hesitation, I would have paid for it.

Green Chili Hash

The Green Chili Hash with a side of potatoes  and sourdough bread
The Green Chili Hash with a side of potatoes and sourdough bread

It was a tough decision but I ended up ordering the Green Chili Hash ($12.99). This grilled hash, topped with two eggs, was made with smoked chipotle shredded pork, green chilies, onions, hash brown potatoes, and spices.

While the menu listed rice and beans, I decided to ask for a side of Habla Diablo seasoned potatoes instead. I also had a choice of toast or banana nut muffin. Since I already had a muffin, I went with sourdough bread.

I’m not going to lie, the grilled hash was not appetizing to look at. I was expecting shredded pork mixed in with green chili. This was more of meat pancake. But, I wasn’t too worried about the aesthetics of the plate, only how it tasted.

I found the texture of the pork to be unique. It wasn’t like traditional shredded pork. The meat was soft, tender, and especially moist like a hand-shaped patty of pork. I know this doesn’t sound appetizing but it tasted better than it looked.

I was surprised by the flavor of the smoked chipotle shredded pork. The chipotle gave the pork a smoky and spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness. The combination of salt, pepper, cumin, and smoked paprika added an extra punch of flavor. Also mixed in were onions and hash brown potatoes which added texture.

On the side was a generous portion of Habla Diablo potatoes. Though simple, the potatoes were hearty and filling. Each small fried potato was crispy and crunchy on the outside. The seasoned potatoes were smoky and slightly spicy.

While the potatoes were somewhat dry on their own, the egg yolk from the sunny side up eggs came to the rescue. I enjoyed mixing the potatoes, and the simple grilled sourdough bread, with the egg yolk.

While the green chili hash wasn’t the fanciest dish, or the prettiest, it was hearty, filling, and delicious.


It was a busy day at the restaurant. It seemed like a zoo with people everywhere. My expectations were low.

That all changed the moment I was lead to my table. My server was fantastic and friendly, even when I knew he was busy with other tables. He constantly stopped by to check up on me, to refill drinks, and to ask if I needed anything. My food arrived promptly and better yet, I got a free banana nut muffin. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

My only complaint? The wait to pay my bill with the cashier at the front seemed to take forever. The line stretched from the front door all the way into the dining room. Not a big deal but something I noticed.


Is The Egg & I the best breakfast in Las Vegas? I really can’t answer that question after trying only one dish. What I do know was the food served here was delicious, hearty, and filling. And, it was affordable. The flavors of my Green Chili Hash were spot on.

While the décor was quite dated and the line to pay my bill was long, I enjoyed my visit to The Egg & I. This was because of the great food, affordable dishes, and fantastic service. So, next time you are in Las Vegas, I recommend you stop by The Egg & I and try it out for yourself .


  • Large menu
  • While it didn’t look the best, the hash was delicious
  • Complimentary banana nut muffin
  • Friendly and efficient service


  • Long line to pay check
  • No separate checks


Monday-Friday: 6:00AM-2:00PM
Saturday-Sunday: 6:00AM-3:00PM


4533 W Sahara Ave, Ste 5, Las Vegas, NV 89102
GPS Coordinates: 36.14413,-115.20250


Last Updated on January 31, 2024