Bacco Cafe: Breakfast near Pike Place Market in Seattle

Bacco Cafe near Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington
Bacco Cafe near Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Whenever I travel to a new destination, I make it a priority to search out the best local breakfast and brunch spots. For me, there is something special about eating breakfast in a new city, especially at places I can’t find back at home. The food connects me to the new city. So, the moment I landed in Seattle on my recent trip, I grabbed my phone and began searching. After a few minutes, I stumbled upon a place that looked perfect. And, that place was Bacco Cafe.

Bacco Cafe is a local breakfast and brunch spot located near Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. While there are many overpriced and overrated restaurants in this area, Bacco Cafe isn’t one of them. What you will find on their extensive menu are dishes using fresh ingredients, many sourced from the Pacific Northwest. This includes two of my favorite, Dungeness crab and salmon.

Thanks to its central location, and great food, you will often find a line out the door and down the street. This is especially true on the weekends. But, the line moves quickly and the wait is worth it.


Main dining room at Bacco Cafe, Seattle
Main dining room

I don’t use this word often, but I would best describe the interior of Bacco Cafe as charming. The small dining room was quaint and cozy with wooden accents, low white ceilings, and a breakfast bar. But the space was bright thanks to the large windows. Though the dining room was small, the ambiance was vibrant and lively. It was actually quite loud inside with people chatting, workers making drinks at the busy breakfast bar, and music playing in the background. The spot felt local and hidden in plain view from all the tourists visiting nearby Pike Place Market.

Outside of the restaurant was a small sidewalk patio. If the weather is nice, this is where I like to sit. You can enjoy your brunch while watching the world pass by in front of you. And, the cool breeze that blows through on a hot summer day is refreshing.

Overflow dining room, Bacco Cafe, Seattle
Overflow dining room

The main dining room at Bacco Cafe was small with only enough space for a few tables. Same as the patio. Luckily, there was a larger adjacent dining room next door that could sit more people. With more people able to get a table, the line moved along. This room was open and modern and as beautiful as the main dining room.


The menu at Bacco Cafe, Seattle
The menu at Bacco Cafe

Bacco Cafe is a breakfast and brunch spot featuring Pacific Northwest cuisine with a modern, fresh twist. And, I know I say this a lot, but everything on the menu at Bacco Cafe looked great. Really, everything. They had so many items that it was tough deciding what to order. They had cereals, omelettes, benedicts, hashes, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, burritos, salads, and more. They are best known for their benedicts including the classic, salmon, and Dungeness crab. There was something for everyone on the menu.

Beverages menu, Bacco Cafe, Seattle
Beverages menu

As for beverages, you had cocktails, craft beers, cider, wine, soft drinks, ice tea, hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and more. They also offered a great selection of fresh, healthy juices. My favorite juice was the Modena ($6.50) made with strawberry, banana, pear, and apple.

Dungeness Crab Benedict

Dungeness Crab Benedict, Bacco Cafe, Seattle
Dungeness Crab Benedict

I have had crab cake benedicts before, but this was my first time trying Dungeness Crab Benedict ($19.25). This plate, made with Dungeness crab, avocado, hollandaise sauce, and an English muffin, looked beautiful. Served on the side was the choice of roasted potatoes or organic salad. I opted for the roasted potatoes.

As I have mentioned before, the poached eggs are the most important component of any benedict. They must explode with rich, golden yolk when cut through with a knife. And, these fresh eggs did just that. Covering the eggs was a simple hollandaise sauce that wasn’t too thick or thin. Its flavor was buttery with a hint of citrus.

Dungeness crab, which is a prized crustacean, gets its name from Dungeness Bay located northwest of Seattle. And, it can be very expensive. So, it was surprising to see large chunks of Dungeness crab hidden under the eggs and hollandaise sauce. The crab tasted fresh with a salty, sweet, nutty flavor that was delicious and unique. While there were large chunks of tender yet firm crab mixed in, there were also some shredded pieces. Being in the Pacific Northwest, Dungeness crab is a must.

Finishing off this benedict was a soft, lightly toasted multigrain English muffin slathered with a layer of avocado. The avocado added a fresh flavor and creamy texture to each bite. The avocado also complemented the richness of the hollandaise sauce and egg yolk.

Roasted Potatoes

Close up of the dungeness crab benedict, Bacco Cafe, Seattle
Close up of the dungeness crab benedict

As mentioned before, I had the choice of roasted potatoes or an organic salad. I decided to throw my diet out the window and go for the roasted potatoes.

I have ordered a lot of breakfast dishes in my days, but these roasted potatoes might have been the largest chunks I have ever seen. They were fresh, golden brown, and roasted to perfection. Each large piece was crunchy on the outside while tender and creamy on the inside. Eating a few of them was a meal in itself. I lost all self control with these potatoes as they were addicting and kept me going back for more.

Sure this wasn’t the cheapest dish on the menu. But, fresh Dungeness crab in downtown Seattle for less than $20? I couldn’t complain.


The service at Bacco Cafe was fantastic. Even though it was a busy day, the staff, dressed in black shirts, were running around the restaurant. They were taking orders, delivering food, cleaning up tables, and cracking jokes with guests. The friendly servers seemed to be enjoying their jobs and I appreciated this level of customer service. Just as impressive was how food and drinks arrived quickly after ordering. The service could not have been any better.


Bacco Cafe is a wonderful breakfast and brunch restaurant located in Seattle. Even with its location, near touristy Pike Place Market, the cafe felt like a local, hidden spot. I loved everything about Bacco Cafe including the food, the service, the décor, and the ambiance. While the Dungeness Crab Benedict was fantastic, I could have ordered and enjoyed anything on their extensive menu. There was something for everyone. So, if you are looking for breakfast and brunch near Pike Place Market, then Bacco Cafe is a great choice for you.


  • Great location near Pike Place Market
  • Extensive menu using fresh, local ingredients
  • Friendly and efficient service
  • Beautiful décor


  • Often a line for a table


Monday-Sunday: 7:00AM-3:00PM


86 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101
GPS Coordinates: 47.61010,-122.34140



Last Updated on February 10, 2022

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