Little Big Burger: Cheeseburgers in Portland, Oregon

Little Big Burger on 10th Ave in Portland's Pearl District
Little Big Burger on 10th Ave in Portland’s Pearl District
Note: Since posting this review, the restaurant has closed.

It was a typical November night in downtown Portland, Oregon. Cold, rainy, and dreary. After hopping from brewery to brewery, it was getting late.

And I was getting hungry after one too many beers. Due to restrictions, I had limited late-night food options in downtown Portland.

The Pearl District was empty, with deserted streets and dark windows. After passing by Deschutes Brewery, I aimlessly turned down 10th Avenue.

I noticed a bright storefront that stood out against the city’s darkness. As I walked closer, I saw a red and white façade and a sign that read Little Big Burger.

I walked right in without knowing anything about the place or reading any reviews online. A cheeseburger was exactly what I needed to end my night.

After speaking with one of the workers, I learned that Little Big Burger had other locations in Portland, Oregon, North Carolina, and Washington.

Interior of Little Big Burger

Bright and colorful interior of Little Big Burger, Portland, Oregon
Bright and colorful interior of Little Big Burger

The interior of Little Big Burger was bright and open, with pops of color and art on the walls. The vibrant interior contrasted the dark and rainy streets of Portland.

In the background, music was playing, but never too loud to be annoying. The laid-back ambiance worked well with the casual and clean décor.

At the center of the restaurant was an L-shaped counter. On the left side of the counter was the cashier. Hanging on the wall next to the cashier was the simple Little Big Burger menu.

Being a fast-casual restaurant, I ordered with the cashier and waited for my food.

There were tables in the front and back of the dining room. You could also sit at the counter in the open kitchen.

I enjoyed watching the workers from the counter as they prepared my food. I could hear and smell the patties as they were sizzling on the grill.

There were also picnic tables on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant.

Little Big Burger Menu

The menu at Little Big Burger, Portland, Oregon
The menu at Little Big Burger

Being a fast-casual restaurant, I found the menu at Little Big Burger simple and straight to the point.

The menu only had burgers besides truffle fries, an ice cream sandwich, and drinks.

Burger options included a hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, chicken burger, and Beyond burger. You could add bacon to any burger for an extra dollar.

With limited burger options and a root beer float, the menu reminded me of the menu at In-N-Out Burger. Even the red and white colors were similar.

Little Big Burger also had a special burger on my visit. The special was the Maui Wowie with caramelized pineapple, pepper jack cheese, and teriyaki glaze.

Check for any specials on your visit if you want to try something off the menu.

Double Down

The Double Down with bacon, Little Big Burger, Portland, Oregon
The Double Down with bacon

After a few beers, the Double Down ($8.50) sounded like a great idea.

The massive burger came with two patties, two slices of pepper jack cheese, shredded lettuce, red onion, and pickles on a freshly baked brioche bun. And I added bacon ($1.00) to the burger.

The default cook for burgers was medium. If you want your burger cooked a different way, be sure to let them know when ordering.

The first thing that caught my attention was the two Cascade Farms Natural beef patties.

These fresh quarter-pound patties were thick and covered in melted Tillamook pepper jack cheese. By the feel of it, they weighed half a pound each.

The meat-to-bread ratio was a lot of beef to not a lot of bread. With so much meat, the burger became challenging to eat and took a toll on the sweet brioche bun.

While the toasted bun wasn’t soggy, the bun started to fall apart as I ate the burger.

Both thick patties were smoky and crispy after being seared on both sides. The charcoal flavor reminded me of grilling burgers at home.

As for the seasoning, a simple combination of salt and pepper brought out the flavors of the beef.

While the menu stated all burgers would be medium, my patties were closer to well done. Though overcooked, the patties were not dry.

As mentioned before, I added bacon ($1.00). I found the bacon crispy with a smoky, salty, rich flavor. It also added richness to the burger, along with a crunchy bite. You can never go wrong with bacon in a burger.

While difficult to see, there was also shredded lettuce, red onion, and pickles. All the toppings were fresh and crispy, which added a crunchy bite. I enjoyed the thin and salty pickles the most.

Would I order the Double Down again? I would say no. I would stick to the hamburger or cheeseburger.

The thick patties took over this burger and made it messy and difficult to eat. A single patty would have been fine.

Truffle Fries

An order of the Truffle Fries, Little Big Burger, Portland, Oregon
An order of the Truffle Fries

If the massive double cheeseburger wasn’t enough, I decided to add on an order of the truffle fries ($3.25).

These skin-on, shoestring potatoes were simple, tossed in white truffle oil and kosher salt. For the price, the portion size was generous.

As with all shoestring potatoes, I found the fries thin but not too thin. Every fry was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The fries reminded me of something I would find at In-N-Out Burger, but better.

If you have tasted truffle oil before, then you know how overpowering it can be. It can also make food oily. This was not the case with these fries.

I could only taste a little of the truffle oil, which often has a distinct earthy flavor that many dislike. Some might find the fries too salty, but this was fine for me.

While not the best fries I have had, the crunchy, salty, addicting potatoes complemented the smoky burger.


On my visit, Little Big Burger was all but empty.

Behind the counter were three young workers taking orders, cleaning, and working the grills.

Being a fast-casual restaurant, I ordered at the counter near the front.

The cashier was friendly, but otherwise, this was as far as my interaction with the staff went. I had no issues with this as I was ordering my food to go.

With food prepared fresh to order, be patient. I waited about 15 minutes for my food, even in an empty restaurant. I expect the wait to be even longer during the lunch rush.


Little Big Burger is a local burger restaurant in downtown Portland.

While it wasn’t my favorite burger in Portland, the burger was fresh, homemade, and flavorful. And it was massive with its thick Cascade Farms Natural beef patties.

I enjoyed the sear and smoky flavors of the beef. But being so tall made it tough to eat. The meat overshadowed everything else, including the cheese, bacon, and toppings. But for the price, I can’t complain.

While I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Little Big Burger, I would stop in if I was hungry and pass by one of their locations in Portland.

With everything else closed on a cold night in Portland, the double cheeseburger and truffle fries at Little Big Burger were just what I needed that night.


  • Smoky, thick, fresh beef patties
  • Large portions
  • Vibrant and bright interior


  • Patties overcooked though not dry
  • Burger was a little messy and hard to eat with such thick patties


Monday-Sunday: 11:00AM-9:00PM


122 NW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
GPS Coordinates: 45.52415,-122.68102



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