Rise & Shine-A Steak & Egg Place in Las Vegas: Breakfast near Red Rock Canyon

Rise & Shine-A Steak & Egg Place in Las Vegas, Nevada
Rise & Shine-A Steak & Egg Place in Las Vegas, Nevada

Living in Southern California, I have visited Las Vegas more times than I can count. I have been coming to this city in the desert for over 30 years. Surprisingly, after all these years, I have never visited Red Rock Canyon, until now. Though located only 15 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon feels like another world. It is a must see sight in Las Vegas.

After hiking Red Rock Canyon, I was hungry and wanted breakfast. After a quick search, I discovered Rise & Shine-A Steak & Egg Place. The restaurant was located off I-215 on the way back to the Strip, not far from Red Rock Canyon

Not planning on visiting Red Rock Canyon? Another location can be found in southwest Las Vegas off Interstate 15 on Southern Highlands Parkway. While I did not visit this location, if you are leaving Las Vegas and driving back to California, this location might be more ideal for you.

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? I recommend a guidebook such as Fodor's Las Vegas for the best places to visit and eat. The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas is also great for finding hidden spots. These guides really help me make the most of my trips and I think they can help you too!

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Vibrant Interior

Open and bright interior
Open and bright interior

When I walked through the doors and into the restaurant, I was surprised how open and bright the dining room was. What first caught my attention were the colorful flower umbrellas hanging from the tall ceilings. The umbrellas, along with the vivid yellow paint and stone walls, brightened up the expansive room littered with tables. Adding to the whimsical and quirky décor was a large painting of a cow and egg set center stage above the dining room.

Another thing I noticed was how clean the dining room and tables were. All the workers and servers seemed to be cleaning whenever they had the chance. While it can be a risk dining indoors in this day and age, I appreciated how the workers took cleaning seriously.

Outdoor Covered Patio

Outdoor patio
Outdoor patio

Prefer to dine outside? You’re in luck. Rise & Shine featured a large, covered outdoor patio with plenty of space and tables. Being covered, you don’t have to worry so much on those hot summer days in Las Vegas that can reach well over 100 degrees. I believe the patio was dog friendly for those who want to bring their pooch along.

Rise & Shine – A Steak & Egg Place Menu

The menu at Rise & Shine - A Steak & Egg Place
The menu at Rise & Shine – A Steak & Egg Place

I don’t know what it is about breakfast restaurants, but many of them have menus that read like novels. Page after page after exhausting page. A few examples include Sam’s No. 3 in Denver and Coffee Pot Restaurant in Sedona. Thankfully, this was not the case here at Rise & Shine.

The menu at Rise & Shine – A Steak & Egg Place featured many options but wasn’t so over-the-top that I couldn’t decide what to order. It wasn’t a novel but got straight to the point. The menu was separated into sections including omelets, classic breakfasts, eggs benedict, bagel sandwiches, steak and eggs, chilaquiles, burritos, fresh toast, pancakes and waffles. Starting at 11:30AM, there was a small selection of lunch items including garden salads, steak burgers, and chicken sandwiches. There was something for everyone.

As for drinks, you had an assortment of juices, smoothies, iced coffees, cappuccino, lattes, tea, and the popular Lavazza coffee.

Ham-N-Eggs Benedict

The colorful Ham-N-Eggs Benedict
The colorful Ham-N-Eggs Benedict

While there were many great options on the menu, I settled on the Ham-N-Eggs Benedict ($13.95). This modern take on the classic eggs benedict was made with fork split English muffins, grilled shaved ham, poached eggs, hollandaise, and aged-balsamic. On the side was a serving of hash brown potatoes.

Both poached eggs were cooked perfectly. When I cut through each egg with my knife, I was rewarded with an explosion of rich, golden yolk. This yolk then mixed with the smooth, citrusy, buttery hollandaise sauce and tangy, sweet aged balsamic reduction to create a delicious sauce that made this dish memorable. The dark brown balsamic reduction, similar in consistency to a viscous syrup, added sweetness and acidity that was both unique and complex.

Hidden under the eggs and sauce were thin slices of grilled shaved ham. The ham, which reminded me of black forest ham, was slightly chewy yet tender with a salty, smoky grilled taste. While traditionally eggs benedict is made with thick slices of ham, I enjoyed both the flavor and texture of the thin slices of ham.

While the English muffins were not homemade, they were fresh and delicious. Both muffins were grilled in butter until golden brown, creating the perfect base for the eggs, meat, and sauce placed on top. Each muffin was crispy on the outside while light and fluffy on the inside. I really enjoyed these contrasting textures.

Hash Brown Potatoes

Served on the side were hash brown potatoes. These simple shredded potatoes were seasoned well and looked beautiful. While the hash brown potatoes were crispy on top, below they were undercooked for my liking. I would have preferred these potatoes to be cooked longer. On my next visit, I will ask for the potatoes to be cooked well done and I’m sure they would be fantastic.


The service was fantastic from the moment I sat down until I left. My server constantly stopped by my table to refill drinks, ask how the food was, and to strike up a friendly conversation. Also, my food arrived promptly and correctly. I couldn’t have asked for more. The restaurant should be proud of how they hire and train their servers.


If you are looking for a breakfast spot near Red Rock Canyon, or you happen to be in the Summerlin West area of Las Vegas, then Rise & Shine-A Steak & Egg Place is a great choice. With a selection of breakfast and lunch dishes, a vibrant and colorful interior, and friendly service, I highly recommend a visit.


  • Great selection of breakfast and lunch options
  • Vibrant and open dining room
  • Outdoor seating
  • Clean
  • Friendly service


  • Hash brown potatoes were undercooked
  • Not an ideal location if you are staying on the Las Vegas Strip and do not have a car


Monday-Sunday: 7:00AM-3:00PM


9827 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147
GPS Coordinates: 36.11441,-115.30664


Last Updated on January 23, 2024

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