Mojito Mojito: Lunch near Plaza Vieja in Havana, Cuba

Mojito Mojito in Havana, Cuba
Mojito Mojito in Havana, Cuba

When I travel to new destinations, I usually only visit restaurants after doing some prior research or reading reviews. Additionally, even though I am a tourist, I avoid eating at establishments that cater mainly to tourists. Therefore, when I came across Mojito Mojito, located near Plaza Vieja in Old Havana, Cuba, I had reservations about the place.

While I don’t consider myself a foodie who enjoys fancy or costly cuisine, I assume that eateries located in touristy areas will be underwhelming and overpriced. To make matters more complicated, visiting Cuba, my access to the internet was all but none, making it difficult to look up reviews of restaurants on the fly.

Nevertheless, I approached the situation with an open mind and decided to try the restaurant. I’m glad I did, as it was a memorable dining experience.

Interior of Mojito Mojito

Front area, Mojito, Mojito, Havana, Cuba
Front area

The interior of Mojito Mojito was bright and airy thanks to tall ceilings, colorful walls, and large windows. The doors and windows were open since it was a beautiful day in Havana, allowing a cool, fresh breeze. Fans were also hanging on the walls, ready for those hot and humid days.

The restaurant’s decor, featuring tiled floors, wooden tables, brick walls, and stone arches, was quintessentially Cuban. The ambiance was inviting and relaxed, making it the ideal spot to enjoy a meal and drink.

Additionally, outdoor dining was available on the street in front of the restaurant. Outdoor dining would be great for people-watching on a nice day.

Back area, Mojito, Mojito, Havana, Cuba
Back area

Towards the rear was a large bar serving cocktails, beer, and other drinks. While I did not sit at the bar on my visit, it seemed like a great place to enjoy a drink.

Live music
Live music

Another great thing, as with many restaurants across Havana, was the band playing live music. There was something truly special about enjoying a cold drink on a beautiful day, eating great food in good company, and listening to the music.

Mojito Mojito Menu

As with many restaurants in Havana, the menu at Mojito Mojito was extensive with many options. While I usually post photos of the menu here, it was too large. So, to make things easier, you can view the entire menu at

There were endless food options. Menu items included appetizers and meat dishes, including chicken, beef, lamb, and pork. There was also pasta, rice dishes, seafood, chef specialties, side dishes, and desserts.

No visit is complete without trying one of their mojitos
No visit is complete without trying one of their mojitos

You had mojitos, cocktails, liquor, beer, wine, coffee, water, soft drinks, juices, and more for drinks.

And, as is customary in most restaurants in Havana, a 10% service charge was added to the final bill.

Fresh Chicken with Shrimp and Fruits (Pollo Fresco con Camarones y Frutas)

Fresh Chicken with Shrimp and Fruits (Pollo Fresco con Camarones y Frutas)
Fresh Chicken with Shrimp and Fruits (Pollo Fresco con Camarones y Frutas)

While there were many great options on the menu, I settled on the Fresh Chicken with Shrimp and Fruits (Pollo Fresco con Camarones y Frutas) (1275 CUP or about $8.23). The unconventional combination of ingredients caught my attention and made me curious to try it.

There were a few things I noticed before I took a bite. First, the portion size was larger than I had expected. Second, the dish was bright and looked appetizing. Finally, I was surprised to see everything on the plate covered in a thick, gravy-like sauce.

The sauce was curry-based, which was unexpected in Cuba. It was rich, buttery, and delicious while coating the chicken, shrimp, and fruit.

Colorful combination of chicken, shrimp, and fruits
Colorful combination of chicken, shrimp, and fruits

Surprisingly, the most basic component of the dish was the fresh chicken. The large chunks of chicken breast weren’t grilled but seemingly braised, resulting in a simple yet tender and moist texture. Equally delicious and simple were moist and tender pieces of fresh pink shrimp.

Mixed in with the shrimp and chicken were vegetables and fruits, including papaya and starfruit. I found the large chunks of papaya creamy with a sweet, tropical, almost funky flavor.

The starfruit had a crunchy yet tender texture with a sweet but tart flavor. Also mixed were sautéed sweet onions and a root vegetable that reminded me of a potato but thicker in texture.

Served on the side was a simple yet fresh slaw of cabbage, carrots, and cucumber. The crunchy texture of the slaw provided a refreshing contrast to the gravy’s richness and the fruits’ sweetness.

Although I would not usually order this dish, the combination of flavors and textures worked well.

Service at Mojito Mojito

I found the service to be both friendly and efficient. While the staff, dressed in green, spoke limited English, they went out of their way to provide menu recommendations.

And the servers were always around when needed. Additionally, my food and drinks arrived accurately and promptly.


Despite being located in a touristy area near Plaza Vieja, and without prior knowledge of the restaurant, Mojito Mojito was a great choice.

While the Fresh Chicken with Shrimp and Fruits (Pollo Fresco con Camarones y Frutas) seemed strange, surprisingly, it worked. The fresh chicken, tender shrimp, and sweet and funky fruits complemented each other to make a fresh and colorful dish. And, with a name like Mojito Mojito, the mojitos were top-notch.

If you’re having trouble finding an affordable yet casual restaurant in the heart of Old Havana that serves fresh, colorful dishes and has live music, Mojito Mojito is an excellent option.


  • Fresh, delicious, and colorful plates
  • Affordable for its great location
  • Live music
  • Outdoor dining


  • None


Monday-Sunday: 10:00AM-11:45PM


Muralla #162, Havana, Cuba
GPS Coordinates: 23.13546,-82.35062



Last Updated on April 17, 2024