Chicken and waffles at The Breakfast Klub in Houston, Texas

The simple exterior of The Breakfast Klub in Houston, Texas
The simple exterior of The Breakfast Klub in Houston, Texas

It was my last day in Houston. What better way to end the trip with some chicken and waffles and true southern style breakfast at The Breakfast Klub.

The Breakfast Klub, located in Midtown Houston, has gained a loyal following of those looking to sample some delicious homemade southern dishes such as chicken and waffles, wings and grits, and catfish along with other tasty items including green eggs and ham and eggs benedict. They also serve lunch if that’s what you are looking for.

Arrival at The Breakfast Klub

Small line on a weekday waiting to order
Small line on a weekday waiting to order

When I arrived at the restaurant, there was a small line out the door into the parking lot. Since I needed to catch my flight in a few hours, I was a little concerned with how long the wait would be.

As I reached the end of the line, an extremely friendly lady greeted me with a smile and a menu. The nice lady offered me some recommendations about what to order. She let me know that The Breakfast Klub was famous for their Wings & Waffle and Katfish & Grits.

I couldn’t decide what to order. Unfortunately, and fortunately, the line was moving a lot quicker than I was expecting so I had to decide quickly. After only a few minutes, I reached the front of the line and put my order in for the Wings & Waffle. After I placed my order, I received a number and found a seat in the restaurant.

Interior of The Breakfast Klub

Interior of the restaurant
Interior of the restaurant

The inside of the restaurant was open and spacious with lots of room for single diners, couples, and groups. Closest to the door was a small “nook” area which seemed geared towards solo diners like me.

The outside of the restaurant might have looked plain but the atmosphere and ambiance of the interior was relaxed, welcoming, and warm. Though simple, the décor was bright with exposed lights and ceiling fans hanging from a black ceiling. I loved the unique works of art created by local artists hanging from the walls.

In the background, jazzy tunes played calmly, mixing in with the light chatter of other restaurant guests enjoying their day and meal.

Wings & Waffle

The Breakfast Klub's famous chicken and waffles
The Breakfast Klub’s famous Wings & Waffle

After much debate, I finally decided on ordering the Wings & Waffle ($14.99). Yes, I paid $15 for a waffle and six chicken wings. But hey, you only live once right?

After I placed my order, I literally sat down, and the plate was delivered to my table. Usually, I would be a little upset that the food wasn’t made to order, especially for $15, but the food arrived hot and fresh. I have a feeling the chefs crank out the Wings & Waffle dish non-stop, meaning there was always one ready to be served.

With the Wings & Waffle, you have a golden Belgian waffle surrounded with six chicken wings all topped with powered sugar and one fresh strawberry.

Since the chicken wings were so big, you might not realize it, but the golden Belgian waffle was actually pretty thick. The waffle, covered in a sweet powdered sugar, was cooked perfectly to a fluffy consistency.

The highlight of the dish: the chicken wings. These wings were juicy as can be and elevated the dish to something special.

With each bite, the tender and moist chicken melted in my mouth. The juicy meat on the inside pulled right off the bone. The breading was simply perfect. Crunchy, salty, and seasoned to perfection.

The fluffy, sweet, and thick waffle mixed well with the salty, crunchy, and rich chicken. It was a match made in food heaven.


Even though orders were placed at the front, I was pleasantly surprised by all the workers at The Breakfast Klub from before I walked through the door until I left.

While I was waiting in line to order, I was greeted by a nice lady that handed me a menu with a smile on her face. She asked how my morning was going so far and offered advice on what to order. I took her recommendation.

After placing my order, I sat down at a table and almost immediately my food arrived as hot as can be. While eating, multiple workers came up to me and asked how my food was and if I needed anything else.

I couldn’t have asked for better service.


The Breakfast Klub might be expensive and waits can be long, but the effort is definitely worth it, especially for the hospitality and the delicious Wings & Waffle plate.

Just thinking about those juicy and crunchy chicken wings makes me want to hop on a flight back to Houston right about now.


  • The chicken wings were amazingly delicious and juicy
  • Service was not only great, but friendly
  • You can tell the food was made with love


  • Some breakfast items were a little on the expensive side
  • On the weekends, and even weekdays, expect a wait to order
  • Limited parking


Monday-Friday: 7:00AM-2:00PM
Saturday-Sunday: 8:00AM-2:00PM


3711 Travis St
Houston, TX 77002
GPS Coordinates: 29.738493,-95.380457


Last Updated on January 1, 2024

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