Le Thai: Lunch in Fremont East District of Las Vegas, Nevada

Le Thai in the Fremont East District of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
Le Thai in the Fremont East District of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

Le Thai is a casual and authentic Thai restaurant in the Fremont Entertainment District of Las Vegas, just east of Fremont Street. Its opening in 2011 marked a turning point for the district, which was previously unknown for its dining options. Le Thai quickly became a cornerstone in the downtown Las Vegas culinary scene.

When Chef Dan Coughlin opened Le Thai, it was small with a limited menu. Over time, Chef Dan expanded the menu, focusing on Thai cuisine while incorporating dishes influenced by Japanese and Chinese flavors.

His affordable but high-quality menu includes curries, noodles, and other classic Thai dishes influenced by his mother and grandmother. The affordable and delicious food quickly won over locals and tourists, helping transform the area into a dining destination.

Today, Le Thai operates two locations: its original spot in the Fremont East Entertainment District, in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, and a smaller location on Charleston Blvd to the west.

Interior of Le Thai

Open and bright dining room, Le Thai, Las Vegas, Nevada
Open and bright dining room

In 2019, Le Thai underwent a significant renovation, expanding the dining room, bar, and kitchen while enclosing a rear patio garden. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to visit before the renovation.

When I entered the restaurant, a semi-open kitchen was to the left and a bar to the right. A few tables were in the center of the room. I assume this was the original dining room.

Semi-open kitchen, Le Thai, Las Vegas, Nevada
Semi-open kitchen

In the back was a larger main dining room. The room was bright, with tall ceilings, hanging lights, and skylight windows that allowed in a lot of natural light.

The décor was artsy yet modern, with hanging plants, murals related to Las Vegas, and exposed pipes. In the background, music was lightly playing, adding to the ambiance.

On my visit, I sat at the bar. There was a tiny window in the corner of the bar where people walked up for to-go orders.

There was also patio seating in front of the restaurant. If the weather is nice, the patio is an excellent spot for dining while people-watching on Fremont Street.

Le Thai Menu

The first page of the menu at Le Thai, Las Vegas, Nevada
The first page of the menu at Le Thai

On the first page of the Le Thai menu, you will find smaller dishes, including appetizers, soups, salads, and side items. You will also find drinks, including sodas, canned & bottled drinks, specialty drinks, and hot tea.

Popular items include the Crispy Spring Rolls, Thai Style Wings, Tom Yum, and Papaya Salad.

The second page of the menu including lunch specials
The second page of the menu including lunch specials

The main dishes are on the second page of the menu. You will find noodles, curries, stir-fries, and fried rice on this page. Lunch specials are also available Monday through Friday, 11:00AM to 3:00PM.

Popular items include Pad Thai, Pad See Ewe, Panang Curry, Ga Pow, and Crab Fried Rice.

Assortment condiments
Assortment condiments

Panang Curry with Steamed Rice

Panang Curry with Steamed Rice, Le Thai, Las Vegas, Nevada
Panang Curry with Steamed Rice

The first dish I tried was the Panang Curry with Steamed Rice ($12.00), available with chicken, beef, pork, tofu, or shrimp for an extra $2. I chose beef.

The broth was delicious. It was hot and creamy, with a mildly sweet coconut milk flavor and a hint of heat and sourness. The flavors reminded me of my visits to Thailand.

Inside the bowl were tender slices of beef. The meat was tender and had a bouncy texture. And I enjoyed tasting the meat without its flavor overshadowed by the curry.

Along with the beef were chunks of red peppers, thinly sliced carrots, and julienned bamboo shoots, which were crunchy yet tender and added a nice bite.

Pad Prik with Steamed Rice

Pad Prik with Steamed Rice, Le Thai, Las Vegas, Nevada
Pad Prik with Steamed Rice

Next up was the Pad Prik with Steamed Rice. As before, I had the same choice of proteins, and this time, I chose pork. I also had the choice of a heat level between 1 and 5, and I opted for Level 3 (Hot).

So, what is Pad Prik? Pad Prik is a spicy Thai stir-fry with meat, chili peppers, and vegetables flavored with garlic, fish sauce, and sometimes basil or kaffir lime leaves.

The broth was rich and smoky, with a salty, deep beef flavor that was delicious. Its consistency was perfect, not as thick as curry but not too thin.

On top was an over-easy egg, which was crispy on its edges. I enjoyed how crispy bits of the egg and the golden yolk mixed with the broth.

In the bowl were tender pieces of ground pork, which was moist and bouncy in texture. Mixed with the beef were sweet, smoky onions and tender yet crunchy red and green bell peppers.

The flavors and textures of the ground pork, vegetables, egg, chilis, and smoky broth all complemented each other and made this a delicious bowl. My only complaint? It needed to be more spicy.

Service at Le Thai

On my visit to Le Thai, I sat at the bar but didn’t order any drinks. Therefore, my interaction with the bartender was limited to ordering and paying.

That said, the bartender was friendly and helpful to me and other guests at the bar. My food arrived promptly and correctly. I’ll have to return for a beer during happy hour on my next visit to downtown Las Vegas.


Le Thai is the restaurant I’ve passed by for years, always promising myself I’d visit next time. I’m glad I finally did, though I can’t believe it took so long.

Everything about the flavors, textures, and plating of the Panang Curry and Pad Prik reminded me of my visits to Thailand. And for lunch specials, the price made them an outstanding deal.

While I didn’t try any dishes from their main menu, I bet they’re great. This is why I want to return and why I highly recommend visiting Le Thai if you are looking for some of the best Thai food in downtown Las Vegas.


  • Delicious flavors
  • Affordable lunch specials
  • Beautiful interior
  • Friendly service


  • The Hot Level of the Pad Prik needed to be spicier

Last Updated on April 7, 2024