Day 4, Part 2: The Hairy Pig Deli and Old Town Stockholm walk

After an early morning and a long day traveling from Copenhagen to Stockholm by train, it was finally time to start exploring the Old Town of Stockholm, also known as Gamla stan. Gamla stan, popular with tourist, is a charming and photogenic island filled with medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, antique shops, old churches, statues, and more. Until the 1600s, all of Stockholm was contained in this small area. Gamla stan is home to many popular tourist attractions, many which I …

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Day 4, Part 1: SJ train from Copenhagen to Stockholm

The view out the window of the train arriving in Stockholm

If you are wondering how to get from Copenhagen Central Station to Stockholm Central Station by SJ train then you are in luck. My Day 4, Part 1 recap of my trip to Denmark and Sweden will cover this very issue. I decided to break down my day 4 recap into two parts. On this day, I traveled from Copenhagen to Stockholm and spent half a day wandering around old town Stockholm. Part 1 will show you how I traveled …

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