Kam Wah Cafe: My favorite pineapple bun in Hong Kong

This could be the best pineapple bun in Hong Kong, Kam Wah Cafe

Kam Wah Cafe is a no-frills, old-school Hong Kong-style breakfast spot, or cha chaan teng, famous for its pineapple bun (ba lo bao). Since 1973, this institution in Hong Kong has been serving what some consider the best pineapple bun in Hong Kong. A pineapple bun is a sweet bun popular in Hong Kong and Asian bakeries worldwide. Ironically, it does not contain pineapple. The name comes from the bun’s appearance, which resembles a pineapple. After World War II, Portuguese …

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Australia Dairy Company: Favorite Scrambled Eggs In Hong Kong

Breakfast Set, Australia Dairy Company, Hong Kong

Dim sum, roast goose, and wonton noodles are the kings of Hong Kong cuisine. But what if I told you to add scrambled eggs to that list? Ask any local for their favorite Hong Kong-style breakfast (cha chaan teng) and odds are their answer will be Australia Dairy Company. I have to agree with them. Since opening in 1970, this iconic Hong Kong institution has gained a reputation for its steamed pudding, scrambled eggs, and chicken soup. At any hour …

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