Dirt Dog at Grand Bazaar Shops at Horseshoe on Las Vegas Strip

Dirt Dog, located at the Grand Bazaar Shops at Horseshoe on the Las Vegas Strip
Dirt Dog, located at the Grand Bazaar Shops at Horseshoe on the Las Vegas Strip

When I think of Los Angeles street food, I think of hot dogs—the smell of grilled bacon-wrapped dogs, sautéed onions, and peppers on the streets of Los Angeles by an unlicensed vendor is something I can’t forget.

These dogs, known as “danger dogs” or “dirt dogs,” are unique to Los Angeles. You know what I’m talking about if you have been to any event in the city, whether a Lakers game at Staples Center or a show on Hollywood Boulevard.

The inspiration for Dirt Dog came from these hot dog carts, even though they were technically illegal and often raided by the police or health department.

They were known as dirt dogs because they were cooked on the streets as passing cars would kick up dirt and dust onto the grills.

But these delicious, sweet, and savory dogs were worth the risk and are today an iconic part of the Los Angeles food scene.

Today, Dirt Dog continues the tradition of these food carts but elevates the hot dogs to a new level with high-quality ingredients and over-the-top toppings.

Dirt Dog now operates three locations in the Los Angeles area along with two locations in Las Vegas. On my recent visit to Las Vegas, I finally tried Dirt Dog at the Grand Bazaar Shops at Horseshoe on the Las Vegas Strip for the first time. But would it live up to the hype?

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Waiting in Line at Dirt Dog

The line found at Dirt Dog
The line found at Dirt Dog

Though hidden down a narrow alley at the Grand Bazaar Shops in front of Horseshoe, formerly Bally’s, on the Las Vegas Strip, I wasn’t surprised to find a line at Dirt Dog. Since this was my first time trying it, I was okay with waiting in line. The experience of waiting in line for street food brought back memories of my travels to Asia. Luckily, the line moved fast, thanks to the well-trained staff.

While waiting in line, I enjoyed watching the chefs in the kitchen as they prepared dog after dog.

Their black t-shirts, which read “The Hype is Real,” got me excited and hungry as I made my way closer and closer to the front. After 15 minutes, I reached the front of the line.

I placed my order with the friendly cashier, who recommended her favorite items. After paying, I was handed a receipt and told to listen for my name when my food was ready.

I had to listen closely to the lively music from the small kitchen. After only a few minutes, I heard my name called.

As a street food stall, there was no dedicated seating area other than a few scattered tables around the Grand Bazaar Shops. If you can’t find a place to eat, walk across the street to the Bellagio. From here, you can enjoy your food and the fountain show.

Dirt Dog Menu

Dirt Dog Las Vegas Strip menu
Dirt Dog Las Vegas Strip menu

The menu at Dirt Dog was small and straight to the point. The simple menu, posted above the cashier, kept the line moving. You had seven different bacon-wrapped dogs, six types of fries, corn, and desserts. All bacon-wrapped dogs came with a premium lobster roll bun.

The hardest part was deciding which dog to order, as they all looked great. Need help deciding what to order? The cashier told me the Elote Dog and the Pastrami Dog were two of the most popular items on the menu.

Elote Dog

The decadent Elote Dog
The decadent Elote Dog

While there were many great options on the Dirt Dog menu, I chose the Elote Dog ($9.25). This unique bacon-wrapped dog came with corn, lime, mayonnaise, cotija cheese, chili powder, cilantro, and bacon bits.

I couldn’t believe the toppings piled on the premium lobster roll bun. The toppings were the king of this dog. It looked messy and filling, and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

The lobster roll bun, which was pillowy on the inside and grilled on the outside, held up to the last bite. It held up even with the enormous amounts of cheese, mayo, corn, and bacon on top.

While hard to see, at the core of this dog was a 100% Premium All Beef Nathan’s 5/1 dog wrapped in center cut bacon. The beef frank was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with a rich and smoky flavor. The bacon, while so thin I almost didn’t notice it, added more richness, saltiness, and a chewy texture.

A generous amount of crumbly, salty cotija cheese could be found on top of the dog. A layer of creamy rich mayonnaise, tart lime juice, and sweet corn complemented the saltiness of the cheese.

The corn might have been my favorite component. Not only did it add flavor, but it also had a crisp yet tender texture that I could taste in every bite. As with the corn, the bacon bits added another layer of crunchy goodness to each bite.

Fresh cilantro and a kick of spicy, smoky chili powder finished off this unique Elote Dog. The combination of flavors and textures between the spicy chili powder, creamy mayo, tart lime, sweet and crisp corn, and crunchy bacon was special.

Service at Dirt Dog

Even with a seemingly never-ending line out front, the staff at Dirt Dog kept the line moving quickly and efficiently. They managed to do this while pumping out dog after dog without missing a beat.

The staff, from the cashier to the chefs, were trained to handle all the customers well. Don’t let the line fool you; the wait was worth it.


Though I live in the Los Angeles area, it took me a trip to Las Vegas to finally try Dirt Dog.

Though you can’t go wrong with any bacon-wrapped dogs on the menu, the Elote Dog was special. Its unique mix of textures and salty, fatty, meaty, rich, and tart flavors made me realize that the wait in line was well worth it.

With its unique menu, friendly service, and delicious dogs, I will return to Dirt Dog on my next visit to the Las Vegas Strip.


  • Unique selection of bacon-wrapped dogs using 100% Premium All Beef Nathan’s 5/1 Dogs and interesting toppings
  • Elevated street food using high-quality ingredients
  • Friendly and efficient service


  • No dedicated seating area
  • Always a line


Monday-Thursday: 10:00AM-10:00PM
Friday-Sunday: 10:00AM-12:00AM


3649 S Las Vegas Blvd, Suite 617, Las Vegas, NV 89109
GPS Coordinates: 36.11379,-115.17169


Last Updated on April 27, 2024

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2 thoughts on “Dirt Dog at Grand Bazaar Shops at Horseshoe on Las Vegas Strip”

  1. Sorry, that dog didn’t sound the least bit appetizing.
    Besides, why ruin a perfectly good Nathan’s hot dog, with all that garbage.?

    Mustard and sauerkraut, or mustard chili and onions are all that a decent dog requires.

    • Sam,

      I have to agree with you somewhat. I am a fan of a simple, traditional dog with mustard and onions. I avoided Dirt Dog for many years because of your same reasons. But, I am glad I tried it at least once. While the toppings were messy, they weren’t garbage, at least in my opinion. The toppings came together in a great way that surprised me. Would I eat this everyday? No. But, sometimes I’m just in the mood for something unique and different and this hit the spot.


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