Lotus of Siam: Best Thai restaurant in Las Vegas

The beautiful Crispy Duck Panang

If you are looking for the best Thai restaurant in Las Vegas, you go to one place, Lotus of Siam. Even Gourmet magazine called it “the best Thai restaurant in the United States.” Everybody who loves Thai food knows of Lotus of Siam. This includes locals, tourists, magazine writers, food bloggers, and celebrity chefs such as Anthony Bourdain. Since opening in 1999, the restaurant has become well known for their Northern Thai cuisine inspired by Chef Saipin Chutima. In 2011, …

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Mediterranean Halal Food Cart in Baltimore, Maryland

The massive Combo Rice Platter, Mediterranean Halal Food, Baltimore, Maryland

On my visit to Baltimore, I discovered the Mediterranean Halal Food Cart, a small halal food stand selling wraps, rice, and salads topped with chicken and lamb. The only reason I stumbled upon this hidden gem was because of its location on the corner of Baltimore Street and Hopkins Plaza, directly across the street from my hotel There were a few things that stood out about this food cart. First, everyone who was ordering food from the cart appeared to …

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