First time using Lyft? Important things you need to know

Lyft iPhone app

Uber may be the king of ridesharing services, but Lyft is not far behind. As with Uber, Lyft gives me the ability to request, track, and pay for a ride at the tip of my fingers. It’s such a simple yet brilliant idea that millions are now using. But with any new technology comes pros and cons. You hear stories on the news and from friends and family. Some swear by the service while others avoid it at all costs. …

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17 tips to help you avoid airline fees

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you are likely aware of all of the fees that come along with flying. A fee to pick your seat, a fee to check your luggage, a fee to pay with your credit card. When will this madness end? Unfortunately, these fees aren’t going away anytime soon. Airlines are making billions off of them. What I have witnessed so many times is the traveler who booked a ticket with a discount …

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How you can avoid getting a middle seat on your next flight

How to avoid being stuck with a middle seat

The dreaded middle seat on an airplane. I have nightmares about them and you probably do too. Whenever I board a plane, I always wonder about these people stuck in middle seats. I will show you how to avoid being one of these people. Book early This one is a given. Obviously, the earlier you book, the more seats will be available for you to pick. Everyone has their favorite spot on the plane to sit. I like sitting in …

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My best travel tips for an awesome trip

New friends met in Tokyo

Whenever my friends plan a trip, they ask me the same questions. Do you have any travel tips? Where should I stay? What should I eat? How can I save money? I always help them with tips I have learned through years of traveling and experience. Here are a few of the best travel tips that I have learned from my travels. Avoid hotel restaurants I’m not saying that hotel restaurants are bad, but they are often overpriced for the …

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First time riding Uber? Important things you need to know

Uber iPhone app

For the most part, Uber is amazing. The ability to request, track, and pay for a taxi at the tip of your fingers is a simple yet brilliant idea. With any new technology comes pros and cons. Lately, in the news and online, there have been reports about issues with Uber drivers and passengers. How do you know what is true and what isn’t? Is Uber safe for you to ride? If you are deciding to ride Uber for the first …

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5 Tips To Get Through Airport Security Quicker

Dreaded airport security

Getting through airport security can be frustrating and a huge hassle. Lines can vary greatly depending on the time of the day, how many security lines are actually open, the security machines being used, and whether or not you are traveling during a peak travel time such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Here are 5 tips that may help you get through airport security a little quicker next time. Tip #1: Most airports have multiple airport security screening locations for the …

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